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What kind of sport shoes are suitable for fitness?

Taking a firm decision to start regular training, the new athlete must decide on the outfit, because it affects not only on the appearance but also on the comfort of trainings. And from the type of shoes even your safety. "Correct" Shoes for fitness is developed taking into account the biomechanics of motion, thus reducing the load on the musculoskeletal system. Football and dancing are the opposite trainings of the spirit and intent, and therefore the shoes for them must be different. It is better not to put on the he running shoes to the aerobic classes - the leg is not fixed, and it is better not to put on the aerobic shoes for running - it is too slippery. Every sport demands the special shoes, and there are no details on this issue. Sports footwear is divided into two types - multi-purpose sports (cross-trainers) and special. Universal sports shoes are good for people who are not professionally involved in a specific sport.

For running and walking

Basic requirements - lightness, breathability, good amortization. Exterior view - low, with massive heel and rounded toe cap for easy rolling from heel to toe while running, low backdrop. Top - of the grid with artificial or natural leather. The difference in height between the main sole and heel should be at least 1.5 cm. The main requirement to the sole - flexibility.

For fitness

Basic requirements - lightness, breathability, amortization, good fixation. Exterior view - similar to the closed shoes on a continuous sole: higher than running shoes (to fix the ankle under load from side to side), with cut-out in the area of ​​the Achilles tendon and with the thick soles. They are characterized by protruding sole at the back of the shoe and by the less accentuated relief. The top - of artificial or genuine leather. At the sole is possible the special drawing, for example, a circle in the center of the sole to make rotation easier.

For tennis

Basic requirements - strong lateral support, which allows to fix the foot during lateral movements, air cushions under the heel and the toe, top is made of durable material. Exterior view - the volumetric toe part, not very high backdrop, flexible sole.

Jan Pearson, professional athlete on behalf of Walking on a Cloud Naot womens shoes provider, talks about the main features of quality sport shoes and helps you select the right pair for different types of activities.

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