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Build strong immunity to protect yourself from infections

Today the word "immunity" is familiar to almost everyone. However, not everyone knows what lies behind it. It turned out that there is a whole system in the body, which is responsible for "immunity to infectious diseases. However, the immune system deals not only with that, its function is not only to protect the body from all harmful substances introduced into it from the outside, but also from his own lack - defective proteins and cells (e.g. cancer). This is why the immune system is one of the most important systems in the human body and deserves special attention.

Our immune system reacts to anything that might threaten the body: it is the bacteria, viruses, parasites, cancer cells. Even in utero, this system learns to recognize the body tissue as a normal environment, distinguishing between its own cells and foreign-threatening agents.

Symptoms of low immunity:
1) Various colds. If you are normally sick four times per year, constantly sniffing and sneezing, it means that your body desperately requires strengthening immunity.
2) Constant fatigue, malaise, chills, drowsiness, headaches, body aches, bad mood - all this may indicate a decreased immunity.
3) The sudden appearance of puffiness, bags under the eyes is a very serious signs of decreased immunity. The same can tell excessive sweating, previously uncharacterized, or change the smell of sweat. At low immunity suffer and our hair - it looks dull, thin, may start to fall out.
4) Another Wake-up call - it's an Allergy. If you are constantly plagued by a variety of allergic reactions, you should be suspicious. Other signs of a weak immune system are often fever, chronic fatigue syndrome, infection and regular fungal diseases. Nail fungus laser Toronto is one of the methods to cure fungal diseases. Do not wait for tomorrow so not to aggravate the situation and find nail fungus laser Toronto.

Any person needs the smooth operation of the immune system, especially in the off-season, because at this time our immune system is experiences increased stress. Cold, temperature extremes, lack of vitamins - all this depletes our body.

The immune system as a way of life. In order to help your immune system, you need to understand that the protection of immunity is not a single procedure, and above all is a consistency and system. Try to lead an active lifestyle - enjoy swimming, jogging, morning gymnastics, hiking. Excellent effect on the immune system makes hardening pouring of cool water in the morning douche.

Willian Dexter, an immunologist, about nail fungus laser in Toronto.

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