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**Unless otherwise stated, all fitness classes are free for gym members and $7 for non-members** (Yoga classes are $10)


“This is a class for everyone. Boot-camp is designed to develop your cardiovascular strength and increase your endurance like no other workout. Step segments combined with weights, kickboxing and using a stability ball to firm the butt, abs and thighs make this class the ultimate fat burning workout!”

Butts & Gutts

“Using a mat and stability ball, this class will strengthen your abdominals and hips. You haven't felt the "burn" until you have tried this class!”

Cardio Body Blast


No equipment based class to get your heart pumpin and the fat burnin - come join Karen's party!


Full Body Attack


We use kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, medicine balls, bosu balls, jump ropes and bands to achieve your goals.  Customized meal plan included along with 3 full body profiles. 


Gym Equipment Demonstration


A 30-45 minute walk through on proper usage of fitness equipment. (Free for members; $10 for non-members)


Kardio Knockout


This class can be a great alternative for people who have become bored with weight-room and cardiovascular activities.  This total-body workout can improve strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility, coordination and balance.



“Kettle-Bell training is a powerful, fun and unique weight training method that incorporates a combination of muscular and cardiovascular endurance into one exercise. This will provide lifelong improvements in physical strength, flexibility, coordination and stamina. Whatever your current level of fitness, kettlebell training will enable you to burn fat and calories efficiently and effectively while helping you achieve a naturally well-defined and functional physique. ”
* Additional fee applies

Kid Fitness & Kicks for Kids

This youth fitness program is a wonderful way to get children of all ages and abilities to take part in a fun workout.  These classes are designed to develop self-esteem, coordination and to improve your fitness level. Come join us and see how fun staying fit can be! For ages 7+.  Cost is $20/month for 1 class/week - $40/month for 2 classes/week or $7 per class.

Kardio Kick

Kickboxing works the core areas to make your thighs, hip, abs and butt look GREAT. Learn self-defense with a fun workout that never gets dull. 


This program is geared toward helping students become complete Mixed Martial Artists by mastering the skills for both stand-up and ground fighting. kids karate classes in Toronto is a great choice for people of all levels from the novice looking for a great workout and some self-defense techniques, for those who need to get into shape for the next competition. Remember being an MMA fighter is more than rocking a sweet over priced t-shirt to the bar so be prepared to work hard. For more information, please contact us.


“This class is performed on a mat to improve body alignment, posture, flexibility, balance and core muscle strength, and is suitable for all fitness levels.”

Sculpt Express

A full body sculpting class in 30 minutes.

Silver Sneakers MS ROM (Muscular Strength & Range of Movement)

“A fun class that will get you moving with music through a variety of exercises. The class is designed to increase strength and range of motion. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing and a ball are used for resistance. Chairs will also be provided for seated or standing support.”

Silver Cardio Circuit

“Similar to MS ROM with focus on cardio activity.”


“An aerobic workout with music utilizing stationary bikes. This is a low impact workout that minimizes stress to bones and joints. Get ready to climb, jump and race to the finish line. Whether you're 17 or 71, your instructor will challenge and motivate you. No complex moves required, just pure sweat!!”

Step / Sculpt

“Easy to follow choreography on the step with sculpting intervals for a great workout. Finishes with a 15-minute abdominal workout.”



"After a good workout or just taking the time to feel good this stretch class will challenge your flexibility and strengthen your core."


Total Body Sculpt

“This class is for all fitness levels. Your instructor will take you through a strength training class with hands on help to insure perfect form. While sculpting your body you will build lean muscle mass for a beautiful you!”

Ultimate Fitness

This program is designed to help participants achieve overall fitness, tone and sculpt muscles, and boost self-confidence. It is a great way to get in shape, reach higher levels of fitness or perfect self-defense techniques. Based on principles of effective striking, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, circuit training, functional stregth and conditioning. This combination makes every class fast paced, high energy, and a fantastic workout for every body type. Toto you aren't in Curves anymore!

Variety Challenge

“You never know what's in store for you. If you need a change in your workout routine, this class is calling your name!”


“Yoga is designed to loosen joints and stretch muscles while improving circulation. This class is designed to calm your mind and nervous system. Relaxation counteracts the effects of stress and allows the body to recharge. We all need a little stress relief in our lives!”


“A calorie burnin, hip shakin, music bumpin, body movin, fitness party guarenteed for a great workout and a good time!”

Dance Classes

Dance classes are becoming more and more popular among people of different ages every year, as they can be a great alternative to regular fitness training. If you want to diversify your training routine, choose the right dance style for yourself and enroll to one of the most popular NYC dance schools to try yourself as a dancer!