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4 general recommendations when choosing athletic shoes

1. Do not wear the special designed sport shoes just on the street, do not run in the aerobic shoes and do not lifting weights in the tennis shoes - because you can not only ruin the shoes, but also to get injured.
2. Do not buy the sport shoes with Velcro - the most ergonomic for the sports are simple shoelaces: they will not allow pulling the vessels of the feet. It is better if the lacing will be through the side loop rather than round holes. Round shoelaces are faster and easier to tie, but for their own untied is also a deal of matter of seconds.
3. Choose shoes late in the day: already tired legs are slightly swollen, in such a state you should be comfortable in the sports shoes.
4. Look carefully on the sole: its multi-layered is not a publicity stunt. Each layer solves its task: softens contact with the surface, reduces the load on the foot. If the layer is one - the sole will serve not long.